“Metanoia” | Recent Art Expression by Dr. Suprabha Raorane in Jehangir Art Gallery

“Metanoia” | Recent Art Expression by Dr. Suprabha Raorane in Jehangir Art Gallery


From her rooftop overlooking mountains when Dr. Suprabha Raorane witnessed them being shredded and broken down for the expansion of the city, she did not simply set her easel outside and record what she observed. Instead, she perceived the myriad variations of her surroundings to create original compositions.

Shredding of these mountains, allowed her to witness different patterns, forms, and brilliant colors hidden in the rough rock, apart from their most common natural appearance in grey. Witnessing the man-induced process of slowly breaking down the once-mighty mountains to make way for the concrete and glass buildings, has given her the reason to keep the purity and respect of the mountains alive her my art.

Her surroundings have transcendental significance for the artist.  Dr. Raorane’s paintings manage to express distinct aspects, producing different experiences and emotional tones. The artist sought out and highlighted specific creative elements, letting the viewer experience the emotions that she poured into her paintings. These works demonstrate the artist’s inimitable mastery of moderating palette, light, and movement to its most basic forms without eliminating its energy.

Dr. Raorane’s stint with art began more than a decade ago. Professionally qualified biotech engineer with an Honorary Doctorate, she surrendered to her calling in art. Apart from creating her art, she has been actively organizing art camps in Bali, Thailand, Indonesia, India, and Dubai while also participating in art shows at Dubai, Chennai, and Tirupati. She has also completed a post-graduate diploma in curatorial studies and contemporary art from Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Mumbai City Museum.

“Her way of touching the reality with freeness and faith in the true nature of art. She is dynamic and eager to know her creative surrounding and a playful result of the expression in her art and life’’ states veteran artists and writer Prabhakar Kolte while talking about the artist’s work.

 From: 30th March to 5th April 2021“Metanoia”Recent Art Expression by contemporary artist Dr(Hons) Suprabha Raorane

Venue: Jehangir Art Gallery,161-B, M.G. RoadKala Ghoda, Mumbai 400001Timing: 11am to 7pm.


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