“ The Path Taken by Fire” Sweety Joshi

“ The Path Taken by Fire” Sweety Joshi.

While looking at the continuum of Sweety Joshi’s recent works, I also notice the traces of the bygone that exist as a root in various kinds of residues. These residues are the only remaining evidence of that extinct world; they are also the symbols of a lost dialogue between the memories of its creation and the amnesia of its cognizance. While viewing and reviewing these works, shweety Joshi’s struggle to explore and demonstrate the possibilities of a new aesthetics layered up in her pictorial research on the idea of the authenticities of these sensitive pieces of evidence. This whole process  seems to formulate entirely new tangible inquiries and proposes alternative facts of the material behavior of her aesthetics. Her recent works are the forms of testimony floating between the outcome of its validation and verification.

“ The Path Taken by Fire” Sweety Joshi.

The papers she has used are burnt. Their edges are the black witnesses now and had been the precise path taken by fire. The wood is also burnt, but not consumed fully, it still retains its shape as charcoal.  Charcoal has become the three dimensional memory of fire. The fire has been extinguished, its movements over. The colors have turned barren by burning. The mirrors are still shining. The soothing soot on its surface is a new veil on the face of the viewer. The brittleness of a moment is attaining its form in reflections. An all are losing their rationale.

The paper trunks are burnet. The possibility of writing or drawing something on them are been narrowed. The paper has lost its pre-established notions. It is re-emerging in its new properties. Its edges as a black witness, which were the footsteps of the variance of fire, have become a territory of list rationale. Territory… or map..?

“ The Path Taken by Fire” Sweety Joshi.

The map is the biggest dream of modern man. He wants to hold it as a metaphor to fisticuff the ambivalence of his relevance and rationale…The world is burnt.

The ashes of that burnt world are falling freely from the territories of Sweety’s fists.

A pitch black tint of kohl was always my obsession. A flame ignites, exerts and eventually bears the soot that withstand the verses of its luminescent past. Pitch velvet black can be only acquired by the combatant of fire with burning desires. A compulsive passion of an artist of fight with odds and achieve triumphant ecstasy of conquest.

“ The Path Taken by Fire” Sweety Joshi.

My visual verses delineate and evolve the layers of being. It constantly imbibes the life experiences and produces the very own encryption of my visual vocabulary which allures me through out. Layers conceive new space and it bring new visual into being and seemingly it opens up new pictorial world this opening layer is therapeutic experience of extraditing self to understand and to reveal my oneness and integrity. A thin black thread pierce into the surface and travels various destinations, a trail witnesses various regions of pictorial soil that sprouts various references. I strongly feel that every object and situation has its own connotation and when we look at them we have our own references which keep grappling to evolve ever changing meanings out of it. This process fascinates and give birth to the manifolds and in numerous layer which even rolls with ease and bare the burnt of my unconventional flamboyant brush that is fire. It achieves black frill like edges in addition to subtle hues of colour soaked thoroughly. Spaces between two words, experiences and beings are widens and reminiscence produce the ever evolving meaning of life that is engulfed by creative persistence to produce the offspring. -shweety Joshi

The Show is open from: 16th March to 22nd March 2021 “Fire Latitude” An Exhibition of recent works by Contemporary artist Sweety Joshi

VENUE: Jehangir Art Gallery, 161-B, M.G. Road, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai 400001, Timing: 11am to 7pm.


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