The pharmaceutical field offers a wealth of job and career: Vinodkumar Pal

The pharmaceutical field offers a wealth of job and career: Vinodkumar Pal

Mumbai: The pharmaceutical field offers a wealth of job and career opportunities says Vinodkumar pal who is consultant and manpower CEO of A-1PHARMA. For talented young graduates with a sound background in life sciences and various other academic disciplines. Because these employment options are often insufficiently known to young academics, the aim of this chapter is to give them a better idea about the many job opportunities and presents the entire drug life cycle.

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The first part of the chapter includes a general description of the drug life cycle and what is understood by ‘the pharmaceutical sector’ Further vinod kumar added that, The core of the chapter gives an overview of job opportunities that either are specific to the different parts of the drug life cycle or are important as support functions over the entire life cycle. It also includes a section on career perspectives and training opportunities. The last part of the chapter focuses on important employability elements, as well as some practical do’s and don’ts for effective job application he said.

The opportunities in the industry Vinodkumar pal discovered for the job seeking talents was, Drug discovery research is highly dependent on the interplay between different scientific and other disciplines. In practice, it includes intensive collaboration between mainly:

  • different types of biologists, such as molecular biologists, biochemists, biotechnologists, bioinformaticians and biomedical scientists;
  • different types of chemists, such as medicinal chemists, combichem specialists, computer-assisted drug designers, protein chemists and analytical chemists;
  • pharmacologists, pharmacokineticists, pharmacometricians, toxicologists, biopharmacy and pharmaceutical technology experts;
  • as well as representatives of other disciplines, such as (bio-)engineers, data analysts, intellectual property (IP) specialists and patent lawyers.

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