“Trunks & Tranquility” An Exhibition of Paintings By Bhavika Govind Mangnani in Jehangir Art Gallery

“Trunks& Tranquility” An Exhibition of Paintings By Bhavika Govind Mangnani in Jehangir Art Gallery

Mumbai: Bhavika Govind Mangnani, is a fine artist that brings an improvisational fusion of Indian art and bright colours in an illustrative way of depicting love and happiness through her paintings; graduated from RACHANA SANSAD ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS & CRAFT, Mumbai. She is also a Graphologist by profession. Bhavika is a young entrepreneur who is the Founder and Owner of Kalakaar Art Studio.

Bhavika has a warm heart towards painting. She has a unique style of painting. She Paints a lot of elephants and shows love in her paintings. Bhavika’s creative roots began at an exceptionally young age and naturally grew into a love of the fine arts. Always moved and inspired by the masters, Bhavika’s work combines fine art paintings with her incredible love of Illustrative art, Impressionist and Expressionist art and Indian Traditional Tribal Art.

Her artworks are exhibited in various art fairs and exhibitions across the country. Her unique style of painting is admired by many, and one such unique piece of art was bought by SIR ADI JEHANGIR, (Chairman, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai).

She believes art has the potential to heal minds and souls. Art is the greatest superpower. Art can bring love and happiness. Her sole idea is to change mindsets through art and spread love and happiness across the globe. She believes everybody and anybody can be a kalakaar, regardless of skill level and age, even the modest novice can enjoy art.

“Art is something that keeps me alive”, says Bhavika.

“I believe to spread love and happiness through my paintings”. Artists believe that art has the power to change society, as art affects the mind and soul with its ability of beautiful visual perception in the mindset of the viewer. The viewer’s mind tends to remember the message for a lifetime and also has a potent impact.

Art influences society by changing opinions, instilling values and translating experiences across space and time. Research has shown art affects the fundamental sense of self.

Art allows the artist and a thousand viewers to communicate better.”I was born talkative, had a repository of stories and ideas to be shared. I believe I experience life differently, every artist does, for us, the rains are not rains, but our messengers, and the rainbows, our caretakers, for us the human isn’t a human but a character, the trees are perhaps our gossip partners and of all, the river is like our best friends.

For every life that touches our soul, we want art to do the same what stories do to us. Stories have power, they delight, enchant, touch, teach, recall, inspire, motivate and challenge.

Spreading love is all I want. Because people will forget you, but the impact your love has on their lives will never die. Similarly, you will die but your art is Immortal. The world is all about powers, where a person is recognised with the power he/she possesses. In this world, I want to create a world where everybody wakes up with the idea of giving love and happiness.

And the only way I choose to spread happiness is through my art. My art showcases how we need the be beautiful inside out. How we can learn a lot of things from animals and nature. How we can love each other selflessly. One of my painting ‘Aesthetics’ talks about the Beauty of Nature, showcases how nature blooms from within, similarly id we’re beautiful on the inside, we will spread love and happiness, we will have the empathy to give and share.

I as an artist, always work on the objective of spreading love and happiness, how we as humans are destined to cherish all the manifestations of life. What’s more, the greater part of all, we’re intended to self-love. A person who loves himself -is the one who adores society and is loved by society. I tried to showcase the same with my painting -‘Good Vibes’


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