“Vignettes to the Bygone Era” at Jahangir art gellery – Gopal Pardeshi

“Vignettes to the Bygone Era” at Jahangir art gellery – Gopal Pardeshi


“Vignettes to the Bygone Era” at Jahangir art gellery Opening Doors to intriguing views, images, nostalgia and lifestyle have always been Gopal Pardeshi’s forte. His simple yet evocative paintings have opened the doors to success and critical acclaim to this Pune based artists. He makes use of illuminating light effects and shadows to create paintings that transform everyday objects into works of beauty.

The effervescent artists states, “‘Doors — they are everywhere around us, but we tend to ignore them. They are our passage from one realm to another. These very objects have caught my attention. Each door that I paint, narrates a tale of the people living behind them, celebrating the past and a comment on the corrosion of the archaic. The exterior as much as the interior of these doors has so much to tell us. These doorways have always inspired and motivated me to bring back the memories of my home town and my childhood curiosity. ”

Gopal is a keen observer of his surroundings. The artist evokes nuances of the rural life in India, its sensibility and culture through his intricate and vibrant art works. Each work, a small vignette reflecting a detail portrayal of the exterior of the door, some left half open to allow the viewer to peep inside the inhabitants, and props that include the cow, oil lamp (Kandeel), flour mill, sup (to clean the grains), door handles, etc. set against the backdrop of old Maharashtrian Wadas, is reminiscent of quintessentially Marathi middle-class during the Peshwa era.

Although the surface of the painting remains flat, the artists has skillfully created layers and perspective to give depth to these works. The history of the Peshwa era comes alive in every line, crack, and scale of wood and the rusting metal parts of the doors. One also notes that none of his paintings have people in them, nonetheless, they hustle with life and hint at the busy hands that shaped the life inside and outside of the doors. He also frames the painting in a fashion that the frame itself becomes a door leading the viewer to a kaleidoscopic view of the Bygone Era.

This show has been inaugurated on 23rd March 2021 by Chief Guest Mr. David Rasquinha in the presence of Shahzaad Dalal, Ishwar Parmar, Mahua Ghosh, Vishal Singhal among others.

From: 23rd  to 29th March 2021“Virasat”An Exhibition of paintings by well known artist Gopal Pardeshi

 Venue:Jehangir Art Gallery,161-B, M.G. Road Kala Ghoda, Mumbai 400001 Timing: 11 am to 7pm


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